Governance report / 20th May 2024

Funding for the CYBRO website design

The CYBRO team intends to use a portion of the funds from the Pre-Sale, amounting to approximately 3,650 USD, to pay the external design team for the CYBRO website design made in April 2024.

We have deducted:

  1. 3,650 USDT in USDT BEP-20 from the Pre-Sale wallet 0xE450278A590E3785DA2D42AE979D0F36f2Cf9E2e to the operational wallet 0xF9D3f0c2dD84b1b102534df535E93AC19DbA936d

Transaction hash: 0xf1aacd5d5f270f4fa44a703411dee8fc8a1bccc4b8a1cab4d202ab7284df8126

CryptoCrouton CYBRO Project Lead

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