Why web3 and DeFi needs CYBRO?

Non-professional crypto investors and web2 users face several challenges when trying to earn with DeFi:

  • Overwhelmed by numerous DeFi protocols

  • Confusing UX/UI

  • Difficulty finding the real APYs and understanding ROI projections

  • Suboptimal portfolio management limiting their yield

  • Lack of timely notifications and offers for their portfolio

  • Fear or misunderstanding of potential risks

As DeFi users ourselves, we aim to address these issues by creating a first-class instrument for yield farming, which we call the 'earn marketplace'. We began our journey on Blast L2, valuing its unique benefits, and we have ambitious plans to expand beyond it.

What is CYBRO in a nutshell?

CYBRO is an AI-powered yield aggregator on Blast, offering users a diversified set of investment options through a unified interface. It utilizes the native yield potential of the Blast blockchain while aggregating various earning options within the ecosystem.

Operated under a user-centric philosophy, CYBRO prioritizes seamless processes, particularly in crucial areas such as investments, onboarding, and withdrawal of earnings.

Project Status

CYBRO is currently under development, with the initial release expected in the first half of July 2024.

The CYBRO Token pre-sale was launched on the 5th of April 2024 on the BlastUP Launchpad. The public pre-sale was launched on the 11th of April 2024.

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