CYBRO Product and Principles

CYBRO is an AI-powered yield aggregator on Blast, offering users a diversified set of investment options through a unified interface. It utilizes the native yield potential of the Blast blockchain while aggregating various earning options within the ecosystem.

Operated under a user-centric philosophy, CYBRO prioritizes seamless processes, particularly in crucial areas such as investments, onboarding, and withdrawal of earnings.

The CYBRO team follows the following core principles:

  • Transparency: we prioritize openness, sharing essential information within the product ecosystem to foster trust with our users.

  • Compliance: we set high standards of the security of the users' funds, project smart contracts and internal policies

  • Quality: we are committed to delivering a superior product characterized by outstanding user experience and long-term sustainability.

Project Status

CYBRO is currently under development, with the initial release expected in June 2024.

The CYBRO Token pre-sale was launched on the 5th of April 2024 on the BlastUP Launchpad. The public pre-sale was launched on the 11th of April 2024.

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