What are your next steps in project development?

The project is under development. The first release is scheduled for Q2 2024. You can find the project's roadmap on https://docs.cybro.io/cybro/cybro-product/product-roadmap

Where can I find the CYBRO documentation?

You can find the CYBRO White Paper with all information about the project and the token by following the link: https://docs.cybro.io/

Do you have any ongoing contests right now?

Right now you can join our Zealy campaign: https://zealy.io/cw/cybroio Follow the announcments in our social media not to miss our new events.

I can't find the answer to my question in the FAQ section. How can Cybro help me?

You can ask your question on our Telegram group, Discord or contact the support team on our website or via email support@cybro.io.

Token Sale

Where can I see the $CYBRO tokens I bought?

After purchasing tokens, you'll be able to check your balance by connecting your wallet on the website: https://app.blastup.io/en/launchpad/cybro. The tokens will appear in your wallet after the TGE.

What is the minimum purchase during the CYBRO token sale?

The minimum deposit amount is $1 in USDT or any other token supported during the presale.

How many stages are there in the presale?

The presale will be conducted in 10 stages. Each stage varies in the number of tokens available for sale. The higher the presale stage, the higher the purchase price of $CYBRO.

What is the end date of the presale?

TGE will be Q3 2024, the Pre-Sale stage will be over before this date.

Where will the unsold $CYBRO tokens go?

Tokens that are not sold during the presale will be allocated to the Cybro Reserve, which will serve the purposes of community support and project development. For more information on token allocation, please refer to the Tokenomics section.

How can I ensure the safety of purchasing your tokens?

When buying $CYBRO tokens, please make sure that you interact (Contract Interaction) with CYBRO PreSale Smart Contracts. The Smart Contracts can be found on our official documentation.

Can I buy $CYBRO through my CEX account?

Unfortunately, purchasing $CYBRO on CEX platforms such as Binance, Crypto.com, or Coinbase is not supported on our platform. You can acquire tokens on official websites where the presale will be conducted. Stay updated with CYBRO updates to learn on which platforms the $CYBRO token will be traded.

Why can't I buy $CYBRO tokens?

If you are experiencing issues with token purchase, please make sure you have performed these actions:

  1. Check your internet connection and reload the page.

  2. If you are using a VPN, try disabling it and reloading the page.

  3. Clear your browser cache.

  4. Try using a different browser.

  5. Use a different cryptocurrency wallet if the above steps did not work.

You can also reach out to our Telegram or Discord chat with the described issue, and our admins or other community members will assist you.

Where can I see the $CYBRO tokens I bought?

After purchasing tokens, you'll be able to check your balance by connecting your wallet on the website: https://app.blastup.io/en/launchpad/cybro. The tokens will appear in your wallet after the TGE.

My bank card transactions fail. What could be the reason?

For bank transactions, we utilize a third-party provider, MΓΌnzen, which has specific regulatory restrictions in certain regions. If you are a resident of a bank in one of the countries listed below, unfortunately, purchasing $CYBRO with a bank card will not be possible for you:

Afghanistan American Samoa Anguilla Bahamas Barbados Belarus Bosnia and Herzegovina British Virgin Islands Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cayman Islands Central African Republic China Costa Rica Cuba Democratic Republic of Congo Eritrea Fiji Guam Guinea-Bissau Haiti Iran Iraq Jamaica Jordan Lebanon Liberia Libya Mali Marshall Islands Morocco Myanmar Nicaragua North Korea Pakistan Palau Panama Philippines Republic of Guinea Guinea-Bissau Russia Samoa Senegal Somalia South Sudan Sudan Syria Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turks and Caicos Islands Uganda UK Virgin Islands USA Vanuatu Venezuela Yemen Zimbabwe

You can still purchase $CYBRO using another cryptocurrency if bank transactions are unavailable to you.

What should I do if I've lost access to my wallet due to hacking? Will I be able to recover my $CYBRO?

In case your wallet is hacked or you lose your private keys, unfortunately, we won't be able to recover access to your wallet and $CYBRO tokens. However, we can remind you of a few security rules to help you protect your wallet:

  1. Store your private keys in a secure place β€” on a paper wallet or an offline device.

  2. Do not sign transactions if you are not sure of their security.

  3. Do not click on suspicious links, especially if shared by third parties.

  4. Use antivirus software.


What is the token supply?

Total supply is 1,000,000,000 $CYBRO. You can find information about total supply and our tokenomics on Tokenomics page.

What is the token unlock date?

For Pre-Sale participants, there will be 25% unlock on TGE. The remaining tokens will be subject to a three-month cliff period. After that, tokens will be vested linearly over 9 months. These details are outlined in the Tokenomics section on our Docs.

What is the $CYBRO Smart Contract Address?

$CYBRO Smart contract address as well as PreSale Smart Contract address can be found on this page.

Where will you list the $CYBRO token?

After the Token Generation Event (TGE), $CYBRO will be promptly listed on at least one DEX. Details regarding the specific DEXes where $CYBRO will be listed will be disclosed closer to the TGE.

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