Team and Principles

The CYBRO team is composed of experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in crypto finance. While we value our privacy and maintain a level of anonymity, we also recognize the importance of transparency in creating a DeFi product.

To balance these priorities, we have undergone and passed two KYC audits, which you can view here. We are committed to keeping our community informed and engaged by sharing our plans and processes openly.

Our Transparency Efforts Include:

  • KYC Audits: We have successfully passed two KYC audits, ensuring our credibility and compliance

  • AMA Sessions: We hold regular Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions on Twitter Spaces, where we address all community questions

Team principles

The CYBRO team follows the following core principles:

  • Transparency: we prioritize openness, sharing essential information within the product ecosystem to foster trust with our users

  • Compliance: we set high standards of the security of the users' funds, project smart contracts and internal policies

  • Quality: we are committed to delivering a superior product characterized by outstanding user experience and long-term sustainability

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