Product Roadmap

The development of the CYBRO earning marketplace is currently underway, with the initial release scheduled for Q2 of 2024

Below is the current roadmap of CYBRO. Please note that this roadmap is subject to change and will be further detailed prior to the token generation event (TGE)

  • Q2ā€™2024:

    • Pre-Sale launch

    • Community Building

    • MVP Launch: vaults & exchange

  • Q3ā€™ 2024

    • Token Generation Event

    • One-click Investment feature

    • Airdrop

  • Q4ā€™2024

    • Staking

    • Lending Aggregator

    • Zap-in and zap-out

  • Q1ā€™2025

    • AI-Broker feature

    • Insurance Program

    • Leverage Farming

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