What is CYBRO

CYBRO is an earn marketplace where users can choose investment tools based on desired returns and risk levels. CYBRO's main feature is a set of investment Vaults (Strategies) for yield farming. The Strategies are of two kinds: decentralized and centralized. Decentralized (Non-Custodial) Strategies provide more safety for the user, but they require actions and decisions on the user side. Centralized strategies offer users greater independence in services, yet they come hand in hand with higher risks.

CYBRO is built on Blast L2 and utilizes its main advantages, offering a high native APY. CYBRO is also going to establish its own infrastructure and aggregate existing market products.

The platform prioritizes user-friendly operations. In CYBRO's roadmap, there are several revolutionary features to make the user journey easier - the One-Click investment feature and the AI-Broker feature. CYBRO also focuses on seamless liquidity input/output and investment selection. Therefore, CYBRO aims to develop infrastructure for fiat currency transactions. One of the milestones is an integration of a wallet with a payment card into the marketplace, allowing users to spend accumulated investments in the usual way.

The CYBRO token will play a significant role, enabling token holders to access services at preferential rates and receive CYBRO token cashback.

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